Tips for veggie haters
  • Stock up on frozen, canned and jarred vegetables for quick and easy cooking in the microwave.
  • Buy vegetables that are easy to prepare: Shred carrots or zucchini into meatloaf, casseroles, and muffins.
  • Add veggies to dishes you love.
  • Use a microwave to quickly “zap” vegetables.
  • Try them in your favorite soups.
  • Vary your veggie choices to keep meals interesting: Include a green salad with your dinner every night.
  •  Add them to your pastas and pizzas: Add toppings like mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and extra veggies to your pizza.
  • Drink your Vegetables: Enjoy veggie-juice cocktails & smoothies! They’re meant to come together, making beautiful great tasting juices.  For more fun pour the juices into ice-pop trays and freeze your own Popsicles.
  • Grill them: Grill vegetable kabobs as part of a barbecue meal. Try tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.
  • Try crunchy vegetables, raw or lightly steamed: Try a main dish salad for lunch. Go light on the salad dressing.
  • Make it a meal: Plan some meals around a vegetable main dish, such as a vegetable stir-fry or soup. Then add other foods to complement it.

Veggie Tips for kids:

  • Set a good example for children by eating vegetables with meals and as snacks.
  • Sneak veggies in purees.
  • Let children decide on the dinner vegetables or what goes into salads.
  • Allow children to pick a new vegetable to try while shopping.
  • Use cut-up vegetables as part of afternoon snacks.
  • Children often prefer foods served separately. So, rather than mixed vegetables try serving two vegetables separately.
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