Get a better understanding of your consumption habits
  • Dessert or sweets are one of the major sources of calories in people’s diet.
  • People get more calories from sugary drinks than any other beverage choice.

Know what you consume in order to see where you can make better choices.

To improve the way you eat and consequently your physique you should keep track of what you’re doing. This means you need to know:

  • What and how much you eat and drink
  • How physically active you are
  • Your body weight

People who are most successful at losing weight and keeping it off track their intake regularly. Tracking your physical activity and weight can also help you reach your goals.

Get started identifying what you eat and drink:

  • Write down what and how much you eat and drink.
  • Start by pinpointing what you’ve already eaten today. Be sure to include drinks, sauces, spreads, and sides. It all counts!
  • Track the physical activities you do, and how long you spend doing each one by writing it down.
  • Once you’ve identified what you are doing now, keep it up! This can help you manage your weight over the long term.
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