Our Story

At Plein Soleil, we believe in extracting Nature’s finest offerings to create products that nourish & nurture life. We thrive to skillfully blend natural ingredients with the latest technologies to achieve the perfect recipe for a balanced life.

Since 1999, Plein Soleil has committed to offer consumers a quality selection of frozen vegetables using only the best harvest from fields around the globe. Year after year, we proudly earned our reputation with our relentless dedication to quality and our endless series of innovations. Today, that commitment to
quality is deeply embedded in our culture.

Always striving to stay ahead, Plein Soleil expanded into a variety of food categories. In 2015, it gained a presiding market share in the categories of canned and frozen vegetables, appetizers, vegetable oils, condiments, and dairy products.

By the end of the year, Plein Soleil’s dairy category witnessed a substantial growth. Its successful and diversified product range led to a remarkable market share; thus becoming the brand’s largest category.

In 2016, Plein Soleil launched the Gourmet vegetables range, catering to elaborate the needs of our consumers’ culinary taste, quality and presentation needs. We also introduced a wide selection of Gourmet Vegetables Asian Mixes, bringing the Asian experience within everyone’s reach.

In 2017, our new Bakery range was launched with a variety of pastry doughs and rice cakes that will complement beautifully the consumer’s salty and sweet creations. Today, the Plein Soleil range comprises more than 180 products, specially tailored for retail and food service channels, to stay in tune with consumer needs, thus enriching their daily menus with a healthy variety, and leveraging their culinary experience to high standards.

Following the brand’s success throughout the years, Plein Soleil is now stepping into various new markets around the world. Our sourcing network covers more than 25 countries from around the globe; always guaranteeing topnotch production facilities and innovative food processing techniques that deliver quality ingredients and consistent supply overcoming seasonality.

We welcome you to the world of Plein Soleil and we invite you to discover “Nature’s Finest” products.

More than 20 years at your service

More than 20 years
at your service

More than 180 products

More than 180 products

Sourcing from over 25 countries

Sourcing from over
25 countries

More than 7 categories

More than 7 categories